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Posted by AloneInTheDark - November 29th, 2007

In january, some NG flash regs are gonna meet-up in London to have a gay time together. Since i was planning to go there with a mate, i figured wahey, let's go there the same date as the NG regs. I never met anyone from NG (or the internet) before, so i hope it will be cool. Luis is coming and i think the superflashbrothers and a bunch of others are coming too. I'm trying to get Andy Dennis to visit (voice actor for Jinas), but it's not certain yet.

At the moment things aren't too swell for me, since my grandfather passed away this week and I'm sick as a dog. Iv been growing up in a close family so it was a bit hard when the news came.

But anyway, life goes on and I'm still working on my new animation Shaped of Clay. I think it's halfway done now and I'm about to animate the real fun parts. Expect nudity, gore and a scary concept. I think it's my first real dark animation.
I read I'm supposed to write a bit about what inspired me here, but it's hard for me to tell. I think people who like Sarkasm's flashes (smile, hanged man's elegy) will see some similarities. He's always been an inspiration of mine...

Oh, soon Bahamut will do an interview with me about my work. I'm not sure where it will be placed (NGMAG?), but do check it out once it's done!


London Meetup, Shaped of Clay update and Interview

Posted by AloneInTheDark - October 20th, 2007

A big thanks to everyone for the great reviews and reception of Jinas 1. The story has just started and it's awesome to see how people are already eager to see what happens next. I have everything for the series planned out in the slightest detail, but before i start working on Jinas 2, i am going to make a few shorts that have been haunting my head lately.

The first is a very macabre short that has something to do with manipulation and perception. I don't want to give away too much of it, but it will definitely be something completely different in terms of style and theme as 'A New Friend'.

The second short will be a collab between me and Andres Ciambotti, co author of Autumn Tree. He and i go along very well and it's amazing how we have the same ideas on so many art related topics.

Anyway, It feels good to be drawing again, even if it is at a slower pace as i used to. I'll update this journal every once in a while when something mentionable has happened :)


Thanks everyone for the support!

Posted by AloneInTheDark - July 25th, 2007

I'm not dead. I just took a long break from it all.

New flash coming out soon.


new flash coming out soon