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I loved every single frame of it

This was simply amazing. So effective in style, idea and animation. The way you handled all the aspects with care, but never lost focus on the movie as a whole is really commendable.

I was surprised when i saw that you are the same artist who made the flashvideo for All I Need from radiohead. I didn't like that one so much, i felt it lacked focus and it had way too many special effects for no good reason. You are kind of pushing it here too at moments with the special effects, but since the world is so unique and the characters so magnificently designed it didn't distract. It must have been awesome to create such strange Burton-esque creatures. What i love even more is how they move around and aren't trying too hard to make a funny or scary impression on the viewer. Maybe with some resemblance in approach to the stopmotion The Nightmare Before Christmas, but in a smaller scope.

Which brings me to the animation, which was simply splendid. When the giant walked passed the camera i was in awe. Drawing walkcycles from the side is one thing, making them from a low diagonal perspective in pretty hard. Also the part where the little froglike creatures jumped towards the token was really impressive.

I like how it remains an extremely simple love story in the end. All the characters, the halloween theme, the cool setting or even the sick brain icecream couldn't hide the flash's golden heart. This is a rare gem in it's kind which i can watch over and over, thanks for making it.


Lol, It's been a while, aye?

I didn't know you were around anymore, but then outa nowhere this John McCain flash lol.

I thought it was hilarious. As an european i've been following the news and debates between McCain and Obama also. They are both great characters to be spoofed. A very random observation how John McCain sais my friends so many times. I didn't even realise it, but now that you made me aware, i can sort of remember. It's pretty hilarious actually. In fact i find John McCain really hilarious to look at and listen to even though he isn't really trying to be funny, I can't really explain why.

Comes across as a pretty nice guy, but i doubt he really knows whats going on about economy and major issues.

I really missed the trademark McCain greeting though. With his arms half raised, because he isn't able to lift them higher after his war antics. Maybe some Sarah Palin in the flash wouldnt hurt either. I assume you made the song also.. I always respect people who can do that, since i cant make shit, even though id love to make some songs.

Anyway, great to hear from you again. I noticed you improved a bit in the special effects and animation department as well.. Keep it up!


'Already been done, already been done, already..'

I love that part in the movie. It's the sort of criticism that a lot of artists get when they strive to complete an original concept and thus very recognizable.

What i find interesting and somewhat ironic is that the animations/movies where you show your critical take on the opinion/influence of art teachers and critics are among the best ones you've done. Like your other movie 'emulation' you made a very direct and effective movie that manages to take a subtle piss with the so called intellectual opinion on art.

What i like about this movie is that you made a great visualization of the different stages that give shape to the formation of an idea and then rewind the process after the motivation has been destroyed by people who give the usual criticism. What i do not like so much is the conclusion of the movie. You seem to take their criticism for granted and start completely over from scratch, making something entirely different. Oftentimes it is more interesting to adjust your initial idea and improve on some of the aspects of the given critique rather than making something new and custom tailored for that will satisfy the critics. Or: to make the train go into a new direction and change it's destination, but to not completely change the means of transportation (to put it in a metaphor like the one used in the movie, lol). This is my take on the situation though so i can't really hold that against the movie.

The filmed scenes were beautifully incorporated with the entire movie and the special effects were very nice. I wasn't too fond of the voice-acting, because it sounded a bit too played out and acted. A more neutral tone would have worked better.

Anyway I'm glad that you are still making these shorts (unlike me) and it's good to see that you are improving a lot from when i first saw your stuff. Keep it up!


Fierras responds:

I asked about you to Andie two days ago. It really seems like you vanished from the face of the world (wide web).

well this is the story of how an idea can be derailed based on my own experience. Iit's true that I started over, but that's not always the case. I think it's important to listen to others opinion and do something with it. In my case I started over because they said my 16min animation wasn't gonna get done by the end of the schoolyear. I didn't want to believe it at first but it was true. Even with all the help that I was currently getting, the animation wouldn't get finished.
And this is just one of the problems that can cause a project to be put aside.

When I was making hard boiled egg, there were things that they thought should be changed. like the 'it's already been done' for example. I totally disagreed because this kind of critic it's something that we all not just hear about our own work ,but sometimes feel ourselves when watching other peoples work.

I'm glad I got the hear from you again. It's been too long.
Take care mistor alone in the dark.

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Great Job

This is an innovating flash game in so many ways. I dont think i've seen an adventure game with such an advanced graphics engine yet.

The graphics are really clean (I assume Dim drew it all) and I really think you've improved alot from the very first Another Day. I did kinda miss the 'dancing' style, but with this amount of detail it must be a pain in the ass to draw for every background & character.

What i really loved about this game is that it did capture the Another Day atmosphere perfectly. I personally always saw the Another Day series as a series that combines cute, almost childish characters and backgrounds with essential mature themes. Friendship, confusion, standing up for yourself, insecurity etc. I think the story of this game, climate change, is brilliant. It's very actual and a serious problem, but presented in a very light hearted and cool manner in this game.

The actual gameplay was very well thought out also. The inventory system worked swell and the combination keyboard/mouse never gave any problems. The camera feature is very awesome, but i haven't really discovered the use of it yet. Maybe it's because I'm only still halfway and i will need to use it later :)
My only complaint is that the objectives are a bit simple. So far it's been all about going to place A, get an object and deliver it at place B again. I think it would have been awesome if there were some small mini games in the game.

Also I think the conversation system could have been done a slight bit better. The icons in the text balloons were slickly designed, but they prevented to convey any humor or depth in the dialogue. I think if there were subtitles or something, that you could have add some more humor to the dialogue and suck the viewer a bit more into the story.

These small things prevented me from giving this a full 10, but i really loved everything else about the game nonetheless. Ever since nightmare I was looking forward to a game from you two again and this one certainly lived up to all the expectations. I just wish that we could solve the global warming problem in reality also with some magic stones :p


A 9 score, but not only for you alone

The 10 is also for everyone who participated in the project. That includes the game programmer NegativeOne.

You've been causing quite some bad mood within the forums by not co-authoring him. And i agree with them, the role of NegativeOne in this game is of such a large part that not mentioning him as one of the co-authors is an insult to all the time and energy he put in the project. I understand that you want to take most credit, since the series is yours and you wrote the dialogue etc, but pretending you made this awesome game all by yourself is untrue and uncool. A band is more than its lead singer, a movie is more than its director.

Anyway, It would be unfair to give you only 0's in this review because the review should be about the game and not about the drama.

And there is no question about it, this became a real gem. Every aspect is so well worked out. The awesome animation, the cool dialogue, the scripting, the badass music. It all contains so much personality and fits in the concept perfectly. Your drawing style looks fast & cartoony and really adds to the cool atmosphere.

However i think the first part is still better. Besides the fact that it was all new then, i liked how the first one was in essence a movie with interactive elements in it. This one is an adventure game with awesome cutscenes. Though it was very well coded, the adventure part was at points slow and frustrating since the puzzles were pretty hard and I was for the most part walking around in the same background finding minimal spots to click with the mouse. It took away from the fast tempo and coolness of the series. Seeing a line like 'Are you new to adventure games or something?' when you try to figure a puzzle out, is funny the first time, but plain annoying the 20th time.

Fortunately there are enough walkthroughs here in the reviews to read when you get stuck and the awesome ending animation made me forget about all the frustation the game caused. If you plan on doing a third one, then take these things into consideration as well as to handle things with the actionscripter in a more mature way. It really causes a bad taste to the series.


vastcool responds:

He is credited in THREE places dude. THREE. Once on the pre-loader, which EVERYONE sees first. At the end credits (where peoples names NORMALLY GO to get credited). And lastly, in the freaking Game Info. But I guess having the programmers name in 3 different places is not good enough.

Lovely game

Damn, this is seriously one of the best flash games i ever played.

Just when i thought it couldnt get better after playing warbears recently, I encountered this. Very simple concept and really well translated to the flash medium. The hopping around & fragging enemies is simply plain fun.

Impressive how you implemented so many game modes and options in it. From the character creation to the different weapons and playmodes. Everything felt like unreal tournament, but it still had its own qualities. The weapons were really cool and simply fun to play with. My only complain is that the plasma rifle is a bit too powerful when the computer handles it, since the AI almost fires a hit every time with that weapon. But maybe thats cause i set the mode on godlike ;) Another annoyance is that you and the AI gets a killcount when they frag a teammate. Hell you even get a killcount when you frag yourself :/

Except for some other minor flaws (that arent even worth mentioning when focusing on the big picture), its all well done and nothing but praise. I honestly believe this could be the most popular online game ever IF you manage to implement a multiplayer mode. This is simply meant to be played vs others. Since all the cool aspects of UT are translated succesfully, the game neglected the major one. Which is the multiplayer mayhem. Right now i can only imagine how sweet it would be to headshot Luis (:p) with this flashgame.


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You know

Sometimes i wish i could copy myself 20 times and then everyone of me would make an animation to a song of yours. They are always very inspiring. The 8 bit sounds work awesome with the ambient sounds. I'd really like to hear some songs of you that are a bit longer though, so you can take more time building the atmosphere.

Love, AITD

AndieCiambotti responds:

Thanks bro. Lovely comment, I will take more time for my next song, you are right about that.
I'm glad that at least 1 person listen to this and likes it. That's art for me, when one person tells me things like this. I don't necessarily need an animation that uses my stuff, I'm just glad that someone tells me things like this.
I'll talk to you soon babe!

I'm probably not the right guy to review your work

But, I really love the song, like i love 90% of your stuff. The easy part around the 1 minute mark was great. I notice the off sync continuation after that, but it didn't bother me that much. I think it's refreshing.
Like a painter not painting within the lines anymore, but going with his brush crudely over the canvas. To show other people how great this can work this must be used in an animation. Who knows? How is your life by the way?

Love, AITD

amazing song dude

Totally love it.. Great atmosphere. The singing is really good too. Kind of reminds me of Joy Division, but with a lot more cheerfullness.. Splendid. Cool Lyrics too

ericdrebin responds:

Thanks for the awesome review! I really can't take very much credit for how cool this song is, as most of the best parts were made by Jeff Farley.
If you like this, check out Jeff Farley's other stuff. His band Astrobleme did an awesome cover of 'Dead Souls'. It's at www.lowartmusic.com

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really impressive

This has a very classical feel to it. The way the focus is on the naked anatomy, the movement in the muscles, the gracious poses. The dark tones and the creepy open brains give it a macabre atmosphere though. I guess this is what the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel would have looked like if a possessed Michelangelo would have painted it.


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